The remodel :  A shaping and lymphatic drainage massage derived from the body contouring experts of São Paulo and Medellin . Why not combine the best of both worlds? A detoxifying, immune system activating power house with the added yet obvious benefit of a more contoured and defined physique.

Before & After

“Unsure of what to expect, I hired Alex for a 90 minute service. Just to preface this, I receive endless services. I believe in taking care of myself - and you should too. So, Alex performed his lymphatic and transformative massage on me. To say he surpassed my expectations is basic. He blew my mind, revolutionized my body in just under two hours, was professional and everything and more than I dreamed of. I purchased his package based upon the results. I felt 20lbs lighter, less bloated and more toned!”

Erin Michelle Newberg, Beauty Editor of Indulge


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